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The Power of Your Testimony

by Brenna J. Fields

Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.”

John 4:39 (NIV)

There was a period in my life where I experienced death, divorce and their aftermath.  I was experiencing the loss of one loved one right after another, all while navigating a traumatic divorce.  Initially, I chose to be very private about what I was going through, but after starting to feel God’s power healing me from these challenges, I was moved to begin sharing my testimony.

The Samaritan Woman had a chance encounter with Jesus where He revealed that He was the Messiah on whom she has been waiting.  This interaction with Jesus has opened her eyes to Jesus and has given her a testimony.  What can we learn from this woman about our testimony?

There is power in our testimony because it provides proof of the realness of our God.  After her conversation with Jesus Christ, the Samaritan Woman rushed back to town to share her experience! She said, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” As a result of her testimony, many other Samaritans would come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and would believe, not just based on what she said, but came to know for themselves.

As a result of my testimony of how real God was in my life during tragedy, others have been encouraged to believe the same, and have been able to see God’s realness through their own challenging times.  A friend said that my testimony has allowed other to taste and see that God is good (Psalms 34:8) through it all!

I encourage you to, as you are led by God, to share your testimony.  It has the power to transform, empower and bless someone. Your testimony has the power to show them the Messiah.

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Lessons From My Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

I received my second dose of the vaccine about 4 days ago, and today is the first day I have felt almost 100% normal.  The experts say it affects every person differently, and I know that to be true!  My almost 80-year-old father had very little side effects, while I seem to have had every last one of them!

Being down for the last few days has given me some time to think (between chills and body aches 😊) This is what I’ve learned:

Never take your health for granted

Good health is a blessing!  I assumed that my second dose wouldn’t affect me, so I had a whole agenda for the weekend planned.  I had no choice but to set most of it aside.  If you are relatively healthy, do your best to maintain it (eating healthy, exercise, self-care, etc.), and be intentional about taking care of yourself.

Pray for others

While I could do nothing, I was led to use that time to pray for others. After all, we really should be interceding on behalf of others anyway!  God kept reminding me of people who were experiencing difficulties, and I would stop and pray for them right then, or even send them a text message to let them know I was praying.  As you are going through, don’t forget there are others also experiencing challenges.

Allow people who care about you to help you

I was raised to be independent, but sometimes, we need the help and support of others.  When I really started to feel the effects of the second dose, I thought I would be able to go to the store myself to get Tylenol and other things, but my body would not let me.  I’m grateful for friends who checked on me and went to the store for me.  We are not super men and women; set pride aside and allow others to be a blessing to you.

Listen to your body

If your body says rest, then rest!  If your body craves water, then drink it!  Your body will tell you exactly what you need; all we have to do is pay attention to it.

Count your blessings

While most of my Easter Weekend (including my vacation day on Good Friday) was spent at home, I am grateful.  Now that I’ve been fully vaccinated, I can plan a trip home and visit family members I haven’t seen in over a year.  My challenging few days are worth it.

What lessons can you learn from your challenging times?