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My Help Comes From The Lord

Have you ever found yourself facing several life changes and issues all at the same time?  They are not necessarily bad things, but the number of them and how quickly they seem to happen can be a bit overwhelming.  They can even be related to something we’ve been waiting for and even prayed for!  You may have known the change was coming, or it may have taken you by surprise.  Either way, dealing with change can be stressful. 

This is where I am in my life as I write this post.  Right now, I’m dealing with changes in my family/living situation, planning upcoming events for family members, helping a family member deal with a legal issue, and changes in ministry; they are all hitting at the same time!  One night, I couldn’t sleep thinking about a particular issue, trying to figure out the next steps to resolve it.  I was eventually able to go back to sleep and when I woke up a bit later, the song “My Help (Cometh From The Lord)” by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was in my spirit (anybody besides me wake up sometimes with a song on your mind?) 

I believe that was God reminding me that He is my source to help me with all things and to address the issues I face.  He told me that I can be at rest as I work through everything that is going on right now.  And, He specifically told me exactly what I need to do about the one issue that had me awake that night; I receive the clarity I needed to move forward. 

The song by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is based on Psalm 121 (one of my favorites).  The lyrics say that we should lift up our eyes to the hills, because this is where our help comes from.  The hills represent God, who is our Source (Psalm 121:1-2).  The psalm also tells us that God will keep us and that He does not sleep (He’s always watching out for us). God is always awake, so we don’t have to be!  The passage also says that God is our shade.  Think about a time when you were out in the hot sun (we do that a lot here in Florida!). The moment you find a shady spot, there’s a sigh of relief; the shade is a respite from harsh conditions and it’s protection so we don’t get sunburned.  God provides the same for us: relief, respite, and protection. Lastly, the psalm promises that God will ALWAYS protect us!  What a comforting scripture! 

Are you facing things today that are causing you to be stressed and overwhelmed?  I encourage you to read and meditate on all eight verses of Psalm 121.  I hope it blesses you as you face your challenges, changes, and issues (whether they be good or bad).  We can trust God to be with in the shifts, and we can trust Him to give us the help we need to face them all. 

I would love to hear from you!  Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!