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For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

I recently returned from a trip out of town, and once we landed, I realized that a couple I knew was on the same flight.  As we made our way to baggage claim, we had an opportunity to catch up on things (I hadn’t seen them in several months).  They shared with me that they were preparing to leave our city and were departing in two days!  As we continue to talk, the wife noted that although they were excited about a new chapter in their lives, the move was bittersweet.  Leaving a place, people and relationships that have been in your life for over 20 years is not easy.  They were venturing out of their comfort zone and although that was a bit difficult, they were looking forward to the future.

As we all gathered our bags and said goodbye, I began to think about seasons.  The scripture from Ecclesiastes tells us that there a season for everything…to be born and to die, to remain and to leave, to plant and to reap. And just like the seasons of the year, these times come in and they leave.  What can we learn from each of our seasons?

As we are in a particular season, we should embrace it.  That may be a bit difficult to do when we are in a challenging season (2020 pandemic, losing a loved one, etc.).  Each season, no matter how difficult, has something to offer.  Be on the lookout for what that may be.   

As we embrace each season, what is the lesson that should be received from it?  One of the lessons I learned in my challenging season is not to ignore the still, small voice inside me. When I was in a season where finances were tight, I learned how to bargain shop.  We may learn how to persevere or to be more patient.  Whatever the lesson is, receive it and apply it to your life!

Seasons don’t last forever.  As we move from season to season, we can take the lessons with us into the next phase of life.  This is growth!  We are different than we were before…and hopefully we are better!  Using the lessons in the next season can also mean not repeating some of the behaviors of the last chapter.  If it no longer serves us, it should be left behind!

And as we transition to a new phase, we can look forward with anticipation to what God is going to do! Just like the couple I saw in the airport, they are looking forward to a new chapter, new experiences and new opportunities.  I, too, am in the middle of a season of transition.  I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, stepping out in faith, and venturing into something new and exciting.  And I can’t wait for how God is going to show up in the new season!

Don’t dread when seasons come and go…look forward to them with hope and anticipate the good that’s to come!